We measure biological signals by detecting changes in facial color over time through a regular camera without wearing or attaching any equipment. We provide accurate measurements without the need for specialized personnel or specialized devices.

  • Researching non-contact biometrics since 2017
  • 7.5TB+ / 1,500+ vital signs big data studies
  • Research in our own labs and collaboration with related technology experts (KAIST)
Camera-based remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) technology is a non-contact method of measuring and monitoring vital signs, utilizing multi-wavelength RGB (Red, Green, Blue) to detect the subtle changes in color that occur in human skin with the pulse of the heart.
GB SOFT's AI engine provides indications as to not only body temperature, but also other vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, drowsiness, health status, and stress state.
GB SOFT's technology is highly reliable and robust for a whole range of applications, from remote clinical trials and telemedicine to construction and manufacturing sites, sports science, automotive, emotion recognition, and more.
Upgrade the value of your products and services with our contactless biosignal measurement software development kit (SDK).


Health monitoring service built to synthesize disparate managements of attendance, health risks, and health history through facial recognition and biometric signal measurement using camera-mounted devices.

Key Features

Non-contact Vital Signs Measurements

Measures the user's vital signs with a camera mounted on the kiosk. You can view the measured vital signs data.

Identifying Health Risks

Notifies on the admin screen to identify at-risk users if any of them measured above the danger level.

Access Control

Recognizes the user's face with a camera mounted on the kiosk. You can manage access by verifying the recognized user identity.

User Health History and Statistics

Provides a dedicated app for users to view their measured vital signs data.


GB SOFT works with a wide range of industries to help them succeed with contactless biometric measurement technology.

Large Construction Company of 3000 Employees

  • We've monitored worker health and prevented workplace safety incidents with contactless vital signs measurement technology.
  • Facial recognition technology was used to manage the identities and records of people entering the site and to enhance security.
  • Geo-Fencing technology was added to display the status of each site area and workers on a map for integrated control.

Global Lifecare Company

  • We've checked the history of health data measured for each individual and identify changes in health status.
  • We've upgraded the value of the service by providing proper solutions based on health status and stress index measurements.

Mass roduction Company of Mobility Components

  • We've recognized the driver's face in real time and detected drowsiness and changes in health earlier with our in-car GB SOFT technology.
  • We initiate alarm alerts and provide convenience services based on the driver drowsiness and changes in health, allowing them to be extra safe and enjoy driving.


In addition to the services we provide, we create a non-contact world which is accessible to everyone. By using our solutions and platforms, we design a better world with our partners.

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