A world where everyone can experience a convenient daily life with non-contact systems.


It can be applied to various fields.

  • Construction & Manufacturing

    We enter the market for business partners and install product lineups in apartments and other facilities such as community center. We also install it at construction site for safety management.

  • Mobility

    We enter the market for business partners and install as a basic option when launching a new car. We also apply this not only to the automobile market but also to motorcycle fields.

  • Healthcare

    We enter after completing medical device certification. We expand our business area to a system that can measure basic data when receiving a visit and can be used during surgery after improving accuracy.

  • Living Convenience

    We enter the market for business partners. We expand our business to government offices and facilities for the elderly by expanding the target area to infants, the elderly, and robots.


The contactless world that we are seeking is not just an evolution of technology, but providing an experience that can be more convenient through technology and experiencing technological advances without any special tools. This is what we aim to create.

  • It connects naturally with everyday life.

    Through countless data, our technology can store a user's data such as their face, identify bio-signals and find the bio-signals that the user wants. Our technology can connect the convenient world we have connected to smart life eco-system, greet us with the easiest interface, join us in our daily lives through the most naturally way.

  • Optimize and Maximize

    We create the new future through the technology that gives a more convenient experience through continuous development and advancement.